Food Colors from Nature - Single Packet

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Vibrant food colors from nature.

ColorKitchen's decorative food colors sourced from nature come in fun and easy-to-use packets. The packet powders refresh instantly with a couple drops of water or glycerin, to produce maximum color concentration.

Makes delightful pastels to deep, rich hues.

Each packet provides enough color for icing a dozen cookies and more. Can also be used for glazes, frosting, macaroons, cakes, and cupcakes*. Yum!

Color mixing, make your own hues:
Green: bright blue + yellow
Purple: bright blue + beet red
Red: beet red + pinch of yellow
Orange: yellow + pinch of beet red

BRIGHT BLUE INGREDIENTS: spirulina color, non-gmo maltodextrin
YELLOW INGREDIENTS: turmeric color, non-gmo maltodextrin
BEET RED INGREDIENTS: beet color, non-gmo maltodextrin


Great for decorating eggs for Easter!