Cooking Classes 2017

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Cooking Classes 2017

Each week there is a live class - others are a homestudy video

more added each week

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Ingredients to Winter Wellness  4 Modules plus one bonus class for $79

individual classes $29

4 Modules + One Bonus Class

Join Chef Cathy for a 4 part cooking class! Attend Online or in person! These classes are scheduled for January 2017.

Module 1:  Thermogenic Spices

Learn about the spices that heat us up from the inside out. Get some great recipes that maximize these spices and hence increase your metabolism. These spices are known for weight loss but are found in winter foods like chili and others.


Module 2: Winter Herbs and Teas 

Strengthen your immunity with Herbs and Teas! Recipes for fire cider, tonics, herb broths and infused honey.


Module 3: Soups and Broths 

Real Soups & Broths made easy! Why you should care about REAL broth and how to make it effortless. ​

Plus 4 signature soup recipes! You will also be given a "frequency recipe" to infuse into your water and teas


Module 4 : Nourishing One Pot Dinners 

Learn how to make Four Comforting Meals from one SuperFood stock.

Cook once and have home cooked meals ready to Finish-It-Fresh.


Bonus Class : Nourishing Your Emotional Body

Let's nourish your emotional body too!​

Learn what emotions are yours and what emotions you may have taken on of others. I'll explain how trapped emotions can lead to dis-ease and how you can clear them.

You will also be given a new "frequency recipe" to infuse into your water, teas and soups!


Valentines Class

Superfoods Chocolate!  Super Easy, Super yummy, super nutritious - Learn why




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