Beer Package (4 Pack)

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Enjoy 4 beers based on a monthly theme that you can pickup any day of the week. Ernest will select four beers within the themes below. The beers you will receive in the package are the ones used in Ernest's beer workshops and tastings. You will also receive a placemat with information on the different beers and the order in which you should taste them so you can have a personal and informational beer tasting in your own home!


June: History of Beer

July: History of Lager

August: What "Ales” You

September & October: History of Octoberfest

November: Aged Beer, Slow Cooking & Old World Wine & Sauces

December: Aged Holiday Beers


The beers selected will pair nicely with the dishes in the Signature Menu and Weekly Theme Menu. If you're picking up your beers during the week, be sure to check out our in-house store which will include dishes from the Signature Menu or order beers for the weekend to go with your made-to-order dishes from the Weekly Theme Menu and/or Signature Menu. 


If you have questions on the beers in the sets or other information about the beer in our beer cellar, give us a call at